Temacho India Pvt Ltd is a Food & Beverage Company

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Discover a world of culinary excellence with Building Brands Food & Beverage Company. Our creations transcend beyond food, they embody experiences, memories, and a commitment to quality. Savor the innovation, taste the passion, and indulge in the art of flavor.

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To elevate your culinary offerings, choose Building Brands Food & Beverage Company. Our expertise enhances your products, creating a new realm of taste and satisfaction. Let us elevate your brand’s flavors and make your vision a delectable reality.

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Indulge in our flavors, supported 24/7 – Building Brands Food & Beverage Company. Relish exquisite tastes any time, backed by our round-the-clock assistance. Your cravings, our commitment, always available.

Temacho India Pvt Ltd is a Food & Beverage Company

Temacho India, a pioneer in the Indian beverage industry, 2022 has been creating innovative products and iconic brands since

Our strength lies in establishing new categories, building brands and capturing market share within those categories. Our bevy of brands include TEMACHO , TESFUL, TESFU PIZZA, TEAFU TEA,
Tamcho India Pvt Ltd also owns the clothing brand Buglly
We have always been passionate about building our own brands. We like to create, and we like to nurture what we create. Fueled by innovation that is engrained in the business DNA, our focus and vision is making Temacho India Pvt Ltd, the No.1 beverage company in India

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